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With a slightly lower carat size of just 1.33 carats, this opal is not only affordable but it is also strikingly rich in its making a fashion statement. It can be put on a ring or pendant and that depends on your decision really. For many years, it has been believed to posses magical powers in Australia and up until recently, this was widely accepted. It is oval in shape and is multi colored (this is the origin of the superstitions) and it is mined in Australia. This is a must have in your jewelry collection if you know what fashion is all about as far as accesorising is concerned.

Black Boulder Opal multi color oval shape 1.33 carats

Identification: Black Boulder Opal

• Carat: 1.33 carats

• Shape: oval

• Measurement: by request

• Color: multi color

• Origin: Australia

• Treatment: No treatment

SKU 0207
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