Beautiful Engagement Rings under 1500 dollars is the perfect blend of style and affordability

Have you have found the perfect mate to spend your life with and are now all set to pop the big question? The only thing you need before you embark on a new chapter in your life is an engagement ring that sets the tone for the beautiful journey ahead. Getting the right engagement ring can involve a lot of heartburn especially if your pockets are limited and aspirations high. Diamonds have typically been a girl’s best friend and the most sought after stone for engagement rings but they can also be your worst enemy as far as bank balance goes.

However, looking for an engagement ring on a budget does not necessarily mean compromising on quality or looks. All you need to do is think a little out of the box and you can get the special someone in your life, an engagement ring under 1500 that she can be proud of flaunting. There are plenty of options for engagement rings under 1500 if you are prepared to be creative and unique. You can choose from a range of gemstones such as Neon Tanzanian and Pink Sapphire and have them set in the ring style of your choice to give the engagement ring your own unique flair and design. Rest assured that they can be accessorized with every outfit, formal or casual with equal élan.

Natural Alexandrite gemstones can be a very good choice for engagement rings both on account of their rarity and sparkling beauty. Regarded as a stone bearing good luck to the wearer, its mystical color changing property has truly made it one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. Named after the Russian tsar Alexander II, it is a relatively young gemstone, which went on to become the national stone of tsarist Russia. A magnificent greenish blue stone in daylight, the alexandrite gemstone magically turns a soft shade of purplish red or raspberry red when exposed to incandescent light. In fact, the more distinct the change of color, the more valuable is the stone. Known to aid creativity and inspire the imagination, this stone is a must have in your collection.

Engagement rings featuring an Alexandrite gemstone as the centerpiece combine brilliance with sheer magic. Not only will she feel special with her Natural Alexandrite Gemstone ring, it will also occupy pride of place as a statement piece in her jewelry collection. You can be sure that this will be one gift that will be treasured forever and even passed down generations.

What is more, a Natural Alexandrite Gemstone buy is possible without busting your bank balance provided you do sufficient ground work to find a reliable online retailer who stocks high quality natural alexandrite gemstones at good prices.

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