How to Choose a Perfect Engagement Ring

So you are deep in love with this lady and you are feeling excited to put a ring round her finger; an engagement ring. Fortunately, it does not have to be a daunting task to shop for the best engagement ring for your fiance –to be. Today, you can buy the best affordable ring without incurring huge debt. Remember the shopping does not stop after the engagement; you will still need to go shopping for a wedding ring in a while. Consumers want to buy a ring that meets their mate’s style as well as their budget. The following are helpful tips that can help one choose the perfect engagement ring:

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1. Stick to your budget

You don’t have to drain all your bank account savings in order to buy a perfect engagement ring. All you need is to come up with a budget and stick to it till you get the best engagement ring for your taste and style.

2. Don’t overlook the ‘cut’

If you are buying a diamond engagement ring, remember there are four C’s that need consideration; cut, color, carat and clarity. Of the four, a diamond cut is the most critical as it is the one that determines the sparkle or the diamond’s brilliance. It is not the size that really matters in a diamond, it is the cut. A brilliant and sparkly diamond appears bigger that a larger low cut quality diamond.

3. Think outside the box

Do not just go shopping for your ring in the brick and mortar shops only; you will be surprised to find out that online retailers have more attractive deals. Most online retailers’ prices range from 20 to 40 percent lower than the traditional shops.

4. Understand the pricing system

When you know how the carat operates, you can make great savings. Diamond prices stagger disproportionately at the half carat and carat mark. Shying slightly lower of this price is recommended as you can save a great deal of money by buying a .95 carat diamond instead of a 1 carat diamond.

5. Ask for a good view of your diamond before purchase

Always trust your eyes; an ?eye-clean’ diamond is always preferred than a flawless. It is common for flows to occur naturally in diamonds and these cannot be viewed by the naked human eye.

6. Return policy and certification

The choice of an engagement ring can mean the success or an engagement break. Suppose the worst happens and your girlfriend does not like the ring? Buy an engagement ring from where they have return policy offers. There are shops that maintain a 24-hour or 30 day return policy. In addition, when buying an engagement ring, ensure that you have seen the certification from an independent grading agency.

7. Choose the right size

Getting the right size is important in choosing the right size of an engagement ring. The average ring size is size 7, so you can try to determine if your girl’s finger is a bit smaller or bigger than the average size. If you are not sure of the size, it is always advisable to take a bigger sized ring as it’s easier and cheaper to resize a ring down than up. (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo) (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

graduated gemologist

Growing up in a country like India, bursting with color, culture and creativity, Chantelle's curiosity drew her towards the fascinating world of gemstones and jewelry.

Trained with the best at the Gemological Institute of America and the SSEF, Switzerland, her knowledge encompasses advanced methods of gemstone identification, diamond grading and the manufacture and sales as a jewelry professional. Her adventures have taken her to source Spinels on the busy streets in Myanmar to exceptional Sapphires in Srilanka, a selection of gems from Madagascar and even rare Jades in China.

With over 7 years of experience in the jewelry industry, her strong foundation in this niche field allows her to make key observations on the value or quality of gemstones and jewelry. She now continues to fuel her deep-rooted interest for these special stones by seeking out precious one-of-a-kind gems around the world.


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