Top Five Gems that are Perfect for Christmas

It’s party time and what better way to accessorize your favorite outfit than with some dazzling gemstones? If you’re wondering what the best gems for Christmas are, look no further – we’ve put together a list of some of the brightest and boldest gems to add some extra sparkle to your Christmas look.


It’s known as the ‘king of gems’ for a reason – the lustrous rich red of a ruby cannot be beaten. In a season full of red and green, the sumptuous ‘pigeon’s blood’ hue of the finest ruby will still stand out and make a statement. Not only are rubies stunning to look at, they are also incredibly practical. Rating a 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and with exceptional all-round durability, they are the ultimate blend of beauty and power.

Bring some love to the party with this spectacular 1.25 carat heart-shaped ruby ring. The magnetic intensity of the deep pigeon blood-colored stone is contrasted by an icy border of white diamonds. Set in platinum, the unheated Mozambican stone comes accompanied by an AIGS report.

The classic tennis bracelet gets a sophisticated update with this ruby and diamond piece. Channel-set in 18K white gold with 5.70 carats of vivid princess-cut rubies and 0.50 carats of diamonds, this is a bracelet that will look just as good on its own as it will layered with others.


‘Emerald by day, ruby by night’, the alexandrite is a perfect Christmas stone. An incredibly rare member of the chrysoberyl mineral family, alexandrite appears green under daylight or a fluorescent bulb and purplish-red under candle or incandescent light. This color-changing ability has entranced gemstone lovers since large deposits were first discovered in Russia’s Ural mountains in the 1830s. In fact, so beloved was it by the royal family, that it was named after the future tsar, Alexander II.

These pretty alexandrite earrings will show off the stone’s spectacular color change as the heart-shaped drops dangle and catch the light. With delicate diamond foliate bales, they are a sweet addition to any wardrobe. The 0.91 carats of Brazilian alexandrites have a GIA report stating that they are very eye-clean.

Sometimes a stone is so spectacular that the simplest setting is all that is needed to show it off. This 3.52 carat cushion-shape alexandrite exhibits strong color intensity and is very eye-clean. It has been claw-set in 18K white gold to a diamond encrusted band to create a fabulous ring. It too is accompanied by a GIA report.


A bright, luscious, Christmas green, the tsavorite is a wonderful stone. It is a member of the garnet family and its color compares favorably to an emerald. Thanks to it high refractive index it actually out-sparkles its more famous counterpart. And even though it is around 200 times rarer than the emerald, the lower demand means that it is far more affordable. When it comes to tsavorite, you can’t go wrong!

These classic stud earrings are as good for a party as they are for everyday wear. With 1.59 carats of cushion-cut tsavorites enclosed in a halo of diamonds, these earrings are sure to become a favorite go-to piece in your jewelry collection.

An elegant 2.46 carat marquise-cut tsavorite anchors this 18K white gold and diamond ring. An unusual choice, the marquise-cut elongates the hand and provides a point of difference to the more common round and pear-shape gemstones that you see.


Rubellite is the name given to strongly saturated and vivid tourmalines in the purplish- pink to red range. Rubellite is so called because the finest examples are often hard to tell apart from rubies. In fact many of the prized rubies in the Russian crown jewels are actually rubellites! It is believed to bring its wearer enthusiasm, warmth and happiness – perfect emotions for the Christmas season.

A true stunner, this 9.81 carat oval Brazilian rubellite ring will cause a stir at any Christmas cocktail party. Its rich crimson color is claw-set against a fine diamond halo. The 18K white gold band features diamond scroll shoulders and an ornate filigree base to add to the luxurious feel of this spectacular ring.

Three pear-cut rubellite pendants are enclosed by diamond frames and suspended from a delicate diamond 14K white gold chain. With a total weight of 9.37 carats, the vivid purplish-red stones will make an eye-catching accompaniment to any outfit. A wonderful finishing touch to a little black dress, this is a necklace to treasure.


No list of Christmas gemstones would be complete without the emerald. Its intoxicating blueish-green tones have been lusted after by kings and queens, emperors and tsars for centuries. Its color represents growth and abundance and it was once believed to cure diseases and make the wearer an elegant speaker. Traditionally the most beautiful stones have come from Colombia, but new discoveries in Africa have produced stones that many believe are just as fine.

This sweet Art Deco inspired ring has a 0.17 carat emerald to its centre. The gem is enclosed by a black enamel flowerhead and pavé-set diamonds.

A profusion of 14K yellow gold and diamond scrolls surround a 2.15 oval emerald. The strong green color of the stone is warmed by the yellow gold and contrasted by the bright white diamonds. A fun, festive choice, this is a piece of jewelry that is made for a party.

Merry Christmas!

We hope that the festive season brings you health, happiness and love. Whatever your jewelry needs, we’re here to help. Get in touch to find the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas party look. (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo) (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

graduated gemologist

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