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Amethyst Rings

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  1. Natural Amethyst 2.44 carats set in 14K Yellow Gold Ring with 0.10 carats Diamonds

    A color that has a glorious avatar, here is a 2.44 carat Amethyst that comes set with diamonds on either side adding a little sparkle. Allowing light to create the spectacle intended, this beautiful gemstone has unmatched brilliance. With royal hues, the violet colored center stone will add a touch of elegance to her everyday jewelry. Learn More
  2. Natural Amethyst 2.95 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.10 carats Diamonds

    The Amethyst is a gem that offers a spiritual association. This ring showcasing a vibrant 2.95 carat heart, the aubergine stunner is one that is a regal choice for an engagement ring. Paired with diamonds that can be associated to purity, this is the right ring if you’re looking for a durable option. Crafted in 14K white gold, there’s no denying why you should be investing in a piece like this. Learn More
  3. Natural Amethyst 3.55 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.24 carats Diamonds

    A natural gemstone that has been cut to perfection, here is a heart shaped Amethyst that has the most royal purple you could ever imagine. Rich and full of life, this contemporary choice has a 3.55 carat gemstone that sits well upon any hand. With well-matched diamonds that accentuate on either side, the ring pairs well with the 14K white gold band it is set in. Learn More
  4. Natural Amethyst 3.61 carats set in 14K Rose Gold Ring with 0.10 carats Diamonds

    A colorful choice, here is a natural Amethyst that comes set in a 14K rose gold ring. Set with shimmering diamonds on either side, the vivid hues of the purple are brought to life with the fire in the diamonds. A beautiful pair, this ring is a resilient choice if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry to add to your everyday looks. Learn More
  5. Natural Amethyst 3.69 carats set in 14K Yellow Gold Ring with 0.24 carats Diamonds

    Here is an Amethyst ring you will love. Set with a natural gem that has the most exotic purple hues, it comes together with the 14K yellow gold holding the gems in place. Paired with immaculate diamonds that accentuate the ring on either side there is no doubt this ring is an elegant sparkler. A delightfully affordable choice, here is a present she will love. Learn More
  6. Natural Amethyst 3.83 carats set in 14K Rose Gold Ring with 0.14 carats Diamonds

    Set with a heart shaped Amethyst; here is a ring just right to proclaim your love. A vivid aubergine, this 3.83 carat gemstone comes paired with diamond accents set in rose gold. An elegant choice, the ring’s simplistic design and versatile appearance will be one that you can wear with almost anything. Learn More
  7. Natural Amethyst 23.77 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.17 carats Diamonds

    Here is a ring that features a different, richly colored, checkerboard cut, aubergine Amethyst. Cut to replicate beautiful petals, each one has been accentuated by diamonds that rest in an 18K white gold setting. A designer piece, this ring will easily be the highlight of any evening. A cut that allows light into every corner of the gem, the stone has an internal fire that makes the gem come alive. Learn More
Set Descending Direction

List Grid

30 per page

7 Item(s)