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Rubellite Rings

Rubellites are the most loved variety from the Tourmaline species. A rare gemstone, their distinct reddish pink sets them apart from any other, adding splendor and life. Named after the Latin word meaning red, these opulent gems are a durable choice for jewelry. A gemstone that will never be shadowed, Rubellites compliment diamonds adding just the right amount of color to balance their sparkle. From our collection of hand picked Tourmalines, the Rubellite selection will be your favorite. Designed to add elegance and made a statement, these pieces will leave you spoilt for choice.
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  1. Natural Rubellite 1.47 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.22 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 1064 Featuring a marquise shaped vibrant Rubellite, this ring has pavé set diamonds along the band that splits becoming one. It’s fine engraving on the 18K white gold shank of the band makes the setting all the more precious. Using a marquise cut, the gem appears to be much larger, elongating her slender fingers. Learn More
  2. Natural Rubellite 2.70 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.50 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 1191 This prong set, trillion-shaped Rubellite will get noticed for its unique shape and diamond halo which highlights the center stone beautifully. Set in 14K white gold, a strong metal, this ring is ideal for an engagement or as a wedding ring. If she likes colors then this is will add just the right pop of color. Learn More
  3. Natural Red Rubellite 3.16 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.16 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 1178 Intricate filigree work on the crown of this ring holds the 3.16 carat Rubellite. Handcrafted in 18K white gold, the ring sports a sparkly diamond halo of perfectly matched diamonds. The deep color of the tourmaline is what gives different life to the ring. The round cut gem has a nice even tone with no eye visible inclusions, setting it apart from most gems. Learn More
  4. Natural Rubellite 4.59 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.45 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 1177 This ring has a warm irresistible glow with its vividly colored 4.59 carat Rubellite Tourmaline. Set in 18K white gold the ring has strong prongs holding the gem in place. With an intricate design, the white gold also has diamonds studded around the gem appearing to be a halo of diamonds extending to the shank of the ring. Its even color will make it the perfect addition to her collection of fabulous jewels. Learn More
  5. Natural Rubellite 9.81 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.90 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 425 Perfectly deep red, the oval Rubellite that has been bezel-set in 18K White Gold with dazzling diamonds makes a Statement. This beautiful and very rare eye clean gem weighing 9.81 carats has been mined in Brazil. With filigree work at the bottom of the setting, the gem gets just the right amount of light to display its true beauty. Learn More
  6. Natural Rubellite 10.71 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.54 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 2985 Rubellite’s are blessed with intense color and this 10.71 carat gemstone is no different. Rich fuchsia pinks paired with the play of light off each facet, creates an arresting display of color and internal fire. Surrounded by diamonds that add to its charm, here is a versatile ring that will make a statement. Learn More
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7 Item(s)