Natural Chrysoberyl 41.70 carats


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Out-staged only by the diamond and corundum Chrysoberyl is known for its amazing hardness.

This specific representative is also a remarkably rare gemstone. 21.21mm long, 41.70-carat greenish yellow Chrysoberyl originates from Tanzania.

Brilliantly cut into an elegant oval shape this impressive gemstone has the kind of clarity that makes you gasp in wonder.

No description can give this royal gem justice. A piece this unique expects a high end owner with an exquisite taste.

Large carat sizes are very rare and are sought after by collectors and gemstone connoisseurs. Chrysoberyl has been used as a charm of protection, and to promote self-confidence and concentration.

This extraordinarily large, natural chrysoberyl is greenish yellow and has very eye clean clarity. It is expertly crafted in a oval shape brilliant cut. This unique treasure is ready to be set into a stunning jewelry design. It was mined in Tanzania.

SKU 0231

Identification: Natural Chrysoberyl

• Carat: 41.70 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measurement: 21.21 x 18.02 x 14.18 mm

• Color: Greenish Yellow

• Cut: Brilliant

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Tanzania

• AGL Report