Natural Tanzanite 6.19cts

Natural Tanzanite 6.19cts
From Tanzania, an East African Country, Tanzanite it is natural occurring gem, a member of Natural Tsavorite family. It measures 8.1x7.8x5.9 mm and weighs 6.19 carats. It possesses a brilliant and well sharp cut, giving it a high definition edges, which brings out of the gemstone. It has an eye clean clarity a confirmation you are buying quality. It has an impressive shape and shimmering appearance. It is found in its natural form, call it originality without any heat treatment. The piece assumes an alluring cushion shape. The light green color represent endurance, and intellectual energy when, do not hesitate in picking this singular piece. This natural and valuable gem from Tanzania, It weighs 6.19 cts and belongs to the group of Natural Tanzanite. This prized gemstone is blue in color and assumes an appealing square shape. it has impeccable definition in edges and clear borders making it a beautiful piece of jewelry. It has a lustrous princess shape, which represents class and worth. Let the piece bring out passion and making you stand out in a multitude Be assured of beaming enthusiasm, it offers no space for you to shrink from the limelight. It is said believed having it near the heart will be a source of excitement to the onlookers.

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Natural Tanzanite 6.19cts
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