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About  Yulia  Irtyuga


Gemstones are magical, they have some supernatural powers and its beauty makes people to dedicate their lives entirely to work with the treasure of the Earth for thousands years. 


Yulia Irtyuga is not an exception. From early childhood she had a love of learning appealing stones and jewelries, and it was not an occasion, she was born in a gemstone casket of Russia – in the Urals. It brought great pleasure for her to search for stones in the mountains, at mine dumps, at river mouth and even in her own piece of ground for hours. Child’s collection of colorful findings was bringing a joy instinctively and it was constantly enriching. Her parents always supported this passion and they visited together mineralogical museums and exhibitions. So a long way has started, at first it was taken as a hobby and only after years as a real profession. 


Graduating from a school with a medal, Yulia entered the faculty of economics, and then during her study she won a competition of young journalists in 2008 and became a member of Moscow Union of Journalists. 


As the phrase goes, passion for stones is so strong, that it acts as a magnet. Along with that, Yulia upgraded her skills at the most prestigious gemology institution in Russia – MSU Gemmological Center. She completed the following courses: Diamond Grading Program, Colored Stones Program, Jewelry Expertise and Evaluation Program, Rough Diamond Course and others. She gained qualification as a diamond expert, gemologist, jewelry and rough diamond expert.


Today Yulia works in MSU Gemmological Center as a marketing Director, she also gives lessons in her favorite course – Diamond Grading Program; besides, she teaches marketing in a gemstone business course in Gemmological Academy. Every year she helps organizes different events and conferences in Russia, she delivers the report in gemstones and jewelry marketing. And in the evenings she types another article about those stones that she found in Sri Lanka, Thailand or bought having bargained on a price in the exhibition in Hong Kong, or revised in Diamond District in New-York, Idar-Oberstein, Dubai, fashionable Italy or just found out in Basel World. Visiting international exhibitions, congresses, conferences and mines in various places of the Earth became a rule of life. The next stop will be Madagascar, then again and again the Urals, to find the dearest from childhood treasures for soul.




About  Chantelle  Lobo


Chantelle Lobo grew up in Mumbai, a city bursting with color, culture and creativity, and while exploring it's many hidden gems her curiosity drew her towards the fascinating world of diamonds and gemstones. At the age of seventeen, her keen eye for detail quickly fell in love with the detailed story of each gem's inclusions and individuality and that's where her career journey with these timeless beauties began.


Trained with the best at the Gemological Institute of America, Chantelle is both an Accredited Jewelry Professional and a Graduate Gemologist. She has experience with all varieties of gemstones and has professionally undertaken assignments for grading diamonds to color grading gems. It's given her a strong foundation in this niche field and allows her to make key observations on the value or quality of each gemstone.


Her passion is undeniable and in order to broaden her horizons, she travels to many countries, visiting jewelry shows, jewelers, and gem traders, picking up some of the best-guarded trade secrets. From Spinels on the busy streets in Myanmar to the best Sapphires in Srilanka and even rare Jades from China, she continues to fuel her deep-rooted interest for these special stones by seeking out precious one-of-a-kind gems from around the world.


She now lives in Jaipur, one of the largest gemstone hubs of the world watching gemstones pass through her on a daily basis.


Through her blog “The Gemstone Queen”, Chantelle explores gemstones in everyday life, through jewelry, fashion, astrology and everywhere else. Learn all there is to know about gemstones through Chantelle’s eyes.