About us

From our base in sunny LA we work directly with miners and manufacturers to bring you exceptional gems and fine jewelry. Our highly trained experts1 work hard to ensure the highest quality at the lowest prices. With over five decades in the industry you can trust us to help you find your perfect stone.

A Legacy to be proud of

Our story begins in 1968 when Stefan and Violet Fabian decided to establish a gem company with a difference. True forward thinkers, at a time when few were concerned about the source of their gemstones, the Fabians resolved to sell only the finest quality stones that they had hand-picked themselves from ethical mines around the globe.

Our current director, Mr Geetha, joined the Fabians in 1986 and took over the company in 1997 upon the Fabians’ retirement. Under his direction we are proud to continue the legacy of our founders.



Each gem that we offer has been specially selected for its color, cut, clarity and rarity. While we have stones to suit all budgets, you can rest assured that we do not compromise on quality or our integrity. We always follow industry best practice and divulge all information about a stone to our clients.

We also insist on the highest standards for our custom jewelry2. Our in-house CAD design team and jewelers who work out of the same building as us mean that we are able to ensure the best quality work every step of the way.


We work directly with miners and manufacturers which means we are able to keep our prices incredibly low. By cutting out the middleman we make huge savings which we then pass on to you, our valued customers.


Ethical practices have been at the heart of our company since its foundation in the 1960s. As we work directly with artisanal miners we are able to keep control of the supply chain and ensure that profits reach the people who actually mine the stones. Most of our rough gems are procured in Sri Lanka and East Africa and are then cut and polished in Sri Lanka3. The latter has long been a model for sustainable mining practices and the benefits that artisanal mining can bring to communities.


Rooted in the Industry

We are committed to the development of the gemstone trade and are members of leading industry bodies the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), AGS (American Gem Society) and ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association). All of these organizations work to promote the highest ethical standards and integrity within the industry.

We are regular participants in the Tucson Gem Show, an event which sees over 65 000 visitors from around the world converge on Tucson, AZ to trade in fine gems, minerals and fossils. We also take part in the JCK, the jewelry industry’s leading annual trade event.


We take our name from the planet Jupiter, the celestial body believed to bring luck and good fortune. We hope very much that we are able to pass on some of these blessings to you and that your gemstone brings you much beauty and happiness.