About us

Built on a promise aimed at delivering the best quality, in gems and jewelry, our founding fathers, the Fabians were true forward thinkers. At a time when the jewelry industry was just about to take off, they decided to source gemstones from ethical mines around the world bringing back with them a splendid selection of handpicked gemstones. These gems were then sold to our treasured clientele as is, without any enhancement or set in handcrafted jewelry, which only gave each gemstone more value. Participating at the Tucson Gem Show for over 15 years, we have built a  valuable customer base that keep coming back for our unmatched quality and price.  


With our current director Mr. Geetha having taken over the company from the Fabians after years of working under their direction, Mr. Geetha has only helped the company achieve greater things. His belief is that, there can never be two identical gemstones making each as unique as someone’s fingerprint. Gemstones come with an aura around them and are believed to go to the person who’s meant for the gem. The name JupiterGem comes from the planet Jupiter that is known to bring good luck and good fortune, just as we hope to bring our buyers immense amounts of luck and success.




What We At JupiterGem Believe


Here’s what you can expect to get at JupiterGem



Each gem has been hand picked from our extensive supply chain for its color, cut, clarity and rarity that are factors we do not compromise on. With each piece of jewelry handcrafted in America we maintain the highest quality standards. 



Working closely with manufacturing workshops and gemstone miners we are able to pass on great discounts to you our treasured customers. So you can always expect to find exceptional gems at lower prices with JupiterGem. 


Know What Your Getting

We understand it might be difficult to buy gemstones for the first time. Wedding rings and engagement rings need to be perfect, which is why if your buying a gemstone or a piece of jewelry from us, we make it a point to share everything we know about the gemstone with you. 


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Make a trip to our showroom based in sunny LA, by appointment only and meet some of our gemstone experts who will help you through each step along the way.