Looking for an indulgent treat or two? At JupiterGem, we have the perfect selection of jewels for you to choose from. Designed around gemstones sourced from different mines across the world, each gem encapsulates beauty and elegance. Our handcrafted rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets compliment each gemstone, underlining the striking features of the gem. We offer you the finest Sapphires from Kashmir, Padparadshas from Srilanka, and even Rubies and Spinels from Burma. And that’s not all if you feel like customizing a piece of jewelry on our site in the metal of your choice from platinum to 14 K gold or maybe even changing the design to suit your fancy, get in touch with us now at [email protected]. Our turn around time on customized pieces takes 1-2 days for quotations and once approved, about 2-4 days to be produced.