Said to provide assistance during sleep and promoting wisdom Zircon goes back to the Middle Ages. This gem gets its name from the Persian word ‘zargun’ which translates to the color gold. If you fancy this beautiful vibrantly colored gem be sure to check its heft, as zircon is one of the heaviest gems available. Mined in Srilanka, Cambodia, Australia, and Thailand this gems can easily be told apart from Other gems. Colorless zircon is commonly called ‘Matara’ in Srilanka after the name of the city it is mined in. Because of its low hardness zircons are ideal for use in necklaces and earrings that undergo less wear and tear on a daily basis.

In the Middle Ages, a blue zircon also was called «Starlite» in Europe and was believed to be the talisman of travelers. According to the beliefs of the people of India, this green-colored gem brings good luck and protects from temptation. Gemstones of this color are rare and very highly valued.