Alexandrite Rings

Beautifully forged, a natural Alexandrite gemstone is like a breadth of fresh air. A gem that needs no introduction, these seductive gems change color from a greenish blue in sunlight to a purplish red in candle light, adding both dimension and meaning. With a touch of mystery, a genuine Alexandrite ring is a durable choice just right for an everyday piece. Perfect for a woman or a man who finds it hard to settle on one color, these color changing alexandrite stones add versatility making it an unforgettable piece.

Natural Alexandrite

Enthralling with its natural color that changes in different lighting conditions, a natural alexandrite studded engagement ring will be a masterpiece on its own. A variety within the Chrysoberyl species, these gems make up a spectacular bluish green, purplish green blue color that changes naturally to a purplish red, brownish red, red in candle light.

Russian Alexandrite

Unearthed first in the Ural Mountains in Russia, the color rich Russian alexandrite sprung an excitement with the Tsar after whom they were named. Seen presented for the 25th wedding anniversary, the natural alexandrite is also the birthstone for the month of June.

Certified Alexandrites

A trichroic gemstone that is both strong and ideal in jewelry, certified alexandrites are being seen popularly in women’s jewelry but also in men’s jewelry pairing well with diamonds. Their luring color combination that complements both white metal and yellow metal makes it an easy gemstone to set in any metal. Our natural certified alexandrites come with certificates from GIA, GRS and AGIS reports, that supplement every purchase.

Alexandrite Gemstone Online

Getting one’s hands on the right alexandrite online can seem challenging, however our range of certified alexandrites mined responsibly from miners across the globe offers you an infinite choice of gems in all price brackets. At our natural and rare alexandrites are sourced from Russia, Tanzania and Srilanka and range in value from $500 all the way up to the extremely rare, richly colored gems at $100,000.

Alexandrite Custom Rings

With a trend this year moving towards custom pieces, our custom-made alexandrite rings are just right to express meaning and style through design. With a team of gemmologists that help you select a gem to suit your lifestyle, there is no doubt the Alexandrite will lure you with it’s mesmerizing color. From a greenish blue to a purplish, iron rich, red, these unique alexandrite gems are a lucky choice that are brought to life once set with a dash of diamonds.


The Natural Alexandrite rings are very special because of its rareness. The rare alexandrite crystals change color according to the light from bluish green in daylight to grayish purple in artificial light. Those special rings is different because you will feel as though you have two different rings in one. Those one-of-a-kind rings is truly unique for the alexandrite’s special quality of changing color and the style of the rings. Not only will the woman that wears this ring feel special but will be one of the statement pieces in her jewelry collection that will stand out again and again as her favorite ring.

Alexandrites have been collected for centuries by royalty and connoisseurs and make a gift that will be treasured forever.