Natural Alexandrite Gemstones

Simply stunning, the color change alexandrite is a gemstone that will mystify you with its color shift.
An illusion that will leave you lost for words, the change from a radiant reddish purple in incandescent light to a more warmer, earthy olive green in daylight, the natural alexandrite is a classic gemstone to make a voluminous statement. Mined today in Madagascar and Srilanka, these head turning gems are the perfect burst of color in any piece of jewelry as it adds not only one but two sophisticated colors. Perfect for today’s couples, an alexandrite engagement ring reflects the individuality of the wearer and adds unmatched sparkle that will be coveted for years.

Color change Alexandrite

A gem that is rooted in culture and history, the Alexandrite gemstone is a color change natural gem that will sweep her off her feet. A precious gem that transforms in different lighting conditions, it is no surprise why a genuine color change alexandrite is often called the Emerald by day and Ruby by night. With a shift between two intoxicating colors, the fluid change of color adds to the glamour of the natural alexandrite.

Discovered in the Ural mountain ranges in Russia, these natural color changing gems have been a best seller ever since. Named after the Tsar of Russia, Alexander the 2 nd , the glory of gems often led to them being selected to be set in royal, court jewelry. A tradition which seems to have lasted until today, you often see certified natural Alexandrite gemstones in exclusive custom made jewelry sold at the auctions for incredible values. Mined popularly today from the gemstone rich regions of Srilanka and Madagascar, some gems with surreal colors can often fetch upto $1000 a carat.


Alexandrite for sale

Buying an Alexandrite might seem challenging, but it is important to find the right source. A gemologist and jeweler that understands your need, selects the right gemstone to emphasise it’s beauty and yours is essential. From a hypnotic fuchsia purple red in incandescent light or candle light to a more earthy brownish green, sometimes even bluish greens, the alexandrite will be sure to arrest your attention with its sparkle and color.

With a color that will have her enamoured and in awe, certified Alexandrites from reputable laboratories like GIA, GRS, AGIS demand higher values for their exclusivity. With the number of simulants and synthetics on the market, it often pays to invest in certified alexandrites and other high value gems to be sure about the gemstones your investing in.

A refined choice, the chameleon Alexandrite engagement ring has grown in popularity in the recent past. Excellent durability, unmatched color change paired with rarity and individuality has given these gems their upmarket niche. Creating their own designs when it comes to rings, the alexandrite has become a key gem in creating a beautiful custom engagement ring.

At JupiterGem our hand-picked collection of natural color change Alexandrites that have been acquired direct from the mines, offers you the option of exceptional quality alexandrite gems paired with unmatched prices. We pick out only the best gems, with excellent cut, clarity and sparkle to give you a selection that will come alive once set in jewelry. From collection of color change alexandrite gems perfect for that custom alexandrite engagement ring, we also have a collection of well-crafted alexandrite jewelry perfect for any occasion.

Located in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles, we offer full transparency about each gemstone. With a gemologist available upon request, we help you create a ring that will last forever. We take time to understand your needs and lifestyle and how your alexandrite engagement ring can become part of it without much change. It takes understanding to choose the right setting by accentuating beauty of the gemstones to craft the perfect ring.

One of the most versatile and captivating stones, Natural Alexandrite is one of the few precious gems that changes color from a sea green in white light to cherry red in incandescent lighting. Mined today in Russia and Srilanka, Alexandrites range in color from bluish-green to purplish-red, these gems are most commonly fashioned into mixed cuts, showcasing kite-shaped and triangular facets or concentric rows of parallel facets. Extremely rare and sought-after and can often be more expensive than gems like Rubies, Emeralds or Sapphires. Considered a mystical or magical stone, Natural Alexandrite is said to be associated with good omens, while boosting the wearer’s intuition and also aiding creativity and inspire imagination.

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