Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstones

Color is everything about the natural Paraiba tourmaline, and its electric colors is what sets it apart. Colored by the presence of copper and manganese, these brightly colored tourmalines are unmatched in value. The rich lagoon blues that blend beautifully or their electric lime greens and perhaps even mystical purples add life to a certified Paraiba tourmaline. A perfect choice for a momentous occasion, a Paraiba tourmaline engagement ring will easily have heads turning in awe of the beauty of the gem.

Tourmaline is a family of gemstones with a color palette for everyone. From pinks, yellows, greens and blues, one of their most noteworthy colors is that of the Paraiba tourmaline. An electric and richly colored gemstone, the copper rich natural Paraiba tourmaline is a glorious variety. Brightly colored these gems radiate a scintillating aqua lagoon blue that bursts with a fire from within. A hue so distinct, vivid and full of splendour, there is nothing much like a genuine Paraiba tourmaline in terms of color.

Valued for its neon colors thanks to the presence of manganese and copper within, the first electric tourmaline appeared on the market in 1989. Mined in Brazil in the region of Paraiba, rich in copper deposits, thereby getting its location specific name, today the same neon colored tourmalines are mined in Nigeria and Madagascar as well. Vividly colored aqua blues, lime greens and sometimes even electric purples have been proudly named after their vibrantly colored Paraiba cousin.

A great choice for jewelry, Paraiba tourmalines engagement rings have become a favourite amongst younger couples looking to make a lifetime commitment. The gem’s unique and bright colors paired with its excellent durability make it an ideal choice for an everyday ring like an engagement ring. Once paired with diamond accents a custom made Paraiba tourmaline ring will easily win her heart.

Certified Paraiba tourmalines

When it comes to buying a Paraiba tourmaline online, it is always advisable to find a certified gemstone. A gem with an eye clean appearance that boasts an even hue with a beautiful tone makes for a great investment in the long run. Certified Paraiba tourmalines that come with certificates from the likes of GIA, GRS, AGIS often fetch top value because of the quality and value of the gem. A beautiful lagoon gem to add a summery freshness, the natural Paraiba tourmaline is unmatched in splendour.

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Tourmaline gems

Tourmaline is one of the most intriguing minerals for connoisseurs of fine gems. Whatever the taste, spirit or whim of a jewelry lover, the tourmaline family of gems can satisfy the need through evocative colors and shades. For gemstone enthusiasts, tourmaline provides a color palette that few other minerals can replicate. Since antiquity, members of the tourmaline family have been cherished and valued as gems.

In 1987, one of the most important events in gemstone history occurred in an isolated area of Brazil in the State of Paraiba. The discovery of copper rich tourmalines of intense blues, greens and violets near the village of San Jose Da Batalha radically altered the future perception of this area for generations of gemstone connoisseurs. The tourmalines of Paraiba, Brazil have distinguished themselves as the pre-eminent members of the tourmaline family. The variety and intensity of the characteristic "neon" color ranges have set a new standard of excellent for color interpretation in this population of alternative colored stones.

Owing its color to a combination of copper and manganese, these rare gems quickly earned an elite status in the gem world and became known as Paraiba Tourmaline as a tribute to the source of the original discovery. Recently, another source of Tourmalines has been discovered in Mozambique. We are very fortunate to be able to bring these rare, investment quality gems to our valued clients.