Yellow Sapphire Rings

Yellow Sapphires have a honey golden color coupled with an outstanding luster. These gems are commonly seen originating from the mine in Srilanka. The Hindus believe that Yellow Sapphires govern the planet Jupiter and the Sagittarius and pieces star signs. Known more commonly as as “Pukhraj” in India, these stones are said to bring immense luck in terms of business matters and wealth. Yellow Sapphires are laden with some beautiful inclusions like the lace like fingerprints and small crystals that grow simultaneously which in turn give the gemstone its uniqueness. Let the warm summery golden colors of yellow sapphires transform all your gloomy days to days filled with sunshine.

The yellow sapphire gem is known to endow the wearer with immense good luck and health. Also, yellow sapphire is said to benefit people who fall ill very often, so such people benefit from the yellow sapphire touching their skin and slowly develop an iron-solid immune system. So, these beautiful rings are grafted with yellow sapphire, and wearing a yellow sapphire ring makes people happier in personal as well as professional spheres of life and blesses the person with fuller relationships. Also, a yellow sapphire ring is especially beneficial for girls looking for a suitable alliance because the stone removes delays in marriage for unmarried girls.