Padparadscha Sapphires

The rare sunset colored natural Padparadscha is a colored gem with a name that speaks of its truly unique origins. Today, these gems are mined in the element rich regions of Srilanka and Madagascar adding a natural beauty of the gem. An iconic and identifiable pinkish orange color, with a tone that perfectly embodies the setting sun, these genuine Padparadscha Sapphires often come with excellent clarities and cuts that reflect the internal splendor of the gemstone. A seamless blend of pinks and oranges paired with a brilliance that is second to none, is what adds to the allure to the magical certified Padparadscha sapphire.

The Padparadscha Sapphire is a rare gem very similar in hue and brilliant to a Pink Sapphire. Padparadscha vary in shade from other Sapphires as they contains combined shades of both orange and pink, giving them deep and versatile tones. The Padparadscha Sapphire is, in fact, named after the Singhalese word for aquatic lotus blossom, renowned for its distinctive salmon color. Clarity and cut have to be adjusted for each one in order to maximize their beautifully variant qualities, so this stone is often found in unusual or asymmetrical cuts and as a result of their pastel shades, inclusions become more visible, so these wonderful gems are generally very clean and clear to the eye. The combination of these rare and extraordinary qualities make the Padparadscha Sapphire one of the most sought after and expensive gems in the world.

Padparadschas as beautiful as they may be, they come in small sizes reaching about 2-3 carats on average. But let size not deter you because these gems can come in exceptional clarity and color ranges and can be some of the most expensive stones, reaching prices close to that of rubies and emeralds. The largest Padparadsha to ever be unearthed is now housed in the American Museum of Natural History and weighs 100.18cts. Intrinsically linked to the Sinhalese culture, this rare pinkish orange naturally colored gem is truly a gift of mother nature. Padparadscha sapphires have also been mined from other sources like Africa.

The Padparadscha Sapphire is a gem that proves it is a natural work of art. Crafted impeccably by the Mother Earth, the beauty of the gem lies in its magnificent blend of color. A combination that brings together pinks and oranges in perfect harmony, the sunset colors add to the glamour of the natural Padparadscha.

Mined originally in Srilanka, where miners were left amazed by the beauty of the fiery color within, the natural Padparadscha gem gets its name from the Sinhalese word that translates to lotus flower. Today these surreal gems are mined in the regions of Madagascar and Srilanka in rare numbers that often do not meet the high demand for its noble color. Similar in hue and brilliance to the Pink Sapphire, it’s feminine color ranges from light to medium pinkish-orange hues, with light to dark tones that will leave you speechless. The distinct salmon color that is brought together by its cut and clarity lend these genuine Padparadscha gems a unique appeal.

Certified Padparadscha

Certified Padparadschas from reputable laboratories often come with a stamp of authenticity that add to the value of the gem. Once sold, these certified, genuine gems appreciate over time because of the rarity and exclusivity of an unheated, untreated Padparadscha Sapphire. A colored gem with a name that speaks of its distinctive origins, a GIA or GRS certified Padparadscha Sapphire has become a popular choice in engagement rings today. A pop of color to adorn an elegant hand speaks of an eternal love that will only keep growing. Padparadscha sapphire engagement rings offer a rarity that is quickly replacing diamond engagement rings offering a personal and intimate choice to its wearer.

Where you buy a Padparadscha Sapphire

Where you buy a Padparadscha gem or a studded engagement ring is of utmost importance. Finding a gemstone retailer with a background in gemstones and gemology only adds value when acquiring a high quality, rare gem. When it comes to higher value gems over $1000, certified Padparadshas are highly recommended because of the number of simulant/synthetic gems on the market. Knowing where your natural Padparadscha has been mined, the treatments it’s been through adds a clear justification to the price when buying a Padparadscha sapphire.

Creating a custom Padparadscha ring can often be intimidating however, gems that are eye clean, with an evenly spread, deeper toned pinkish orange color instantly demand higher values. A stylish gem that adds both a sensual and romantic appeal the natural Padparadscha Sapphire will make a timeless investment.

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