Known for its fiery and bright red hues, the Ruby has historically been regarded as the stone of Kings, Queens and Emperors alike, and is regarded as the world’s most magnificent gem and its value often surpasses that of the diamond. The ruby is said not only to be a talisman of prosperity and protection, but to contain elements of the Sun within, allowing the wearer to amplify love, sensuality, relationship and commitment. Within this burning gemstone’s lore you will find peace, restraint and the ability to ward off danger and negativity as well as a heightened awareness and an improvement in focus and concentration. The Ruby continues to be considered one of the world’s 4 most precious stones, regarded not only for its rarity and strength but also in its practical applications in medical equipment, high-end watches and as a healing and spiritual stone. It’s true value, however, lies in its beauty and captivating quality in luxury jewelry and adornment.

The rich vermillion color of rubies creates an instant passion in the eyes of the beholder. This red variety of the Corundum species gets its name from the Latin word “rubrum” meaning red. Rubies today are considered to be part of the big three along with Sapphires and Emeralds. Its superiority makes it an excellent investment option, as Rubies are very extremely rare stones. These highly demanded gems tend to gain most attention when they have not undergone any heat treatment, have a good color and clarity and come from a legitimate mining source.