Pink Sapphires

Pink Sapphire are an extremely rare precious gem, usually originating from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, East Africa and more recently, Madagascar. Their exceptional tones can range anywhere from a light, bubble-gum pink, to a rich hot pink, to a dark and full magenta. Pink Sapphire gems are known for their ability to bestow the wearer with love, grace, forgiveness and acceptance. They are regarded as relationship stones, and are said to ingratiate and bond people who pass them between each other. They have become quite popular in today’s celebrity jewelry trends and their growing popularity seems to show no signs of slowing down.

Pink Sapphires have a soft, lively pink color and can go up to a pink with a violet tinge. Similar to rubies in every other way, the only distinguishing factor lies in the depth of color between the two gems. Pink Sapphires get a lot of their life from the luster they posses. This is also a good insight if your wondering how to identify sapphires. Its sub adamantine luster looks much more reflective as compared to other stones in the same color range. These valuable stones rarely come in sizes above 10 carats and can then fetch astounding prices. Pink Sapphires often contain inclusions some of which resemble beautiful lace.