Tsavorite Rings

Highly cherished for their color—Tsavorite Garnets are a rare African gemstone. According to history’s timeline these gemstones were in existence long before the dinosaur’s roamed the earth.

Tsavorites are a high competitor to the equally brilliant green emerald, because it is durable and rarely treated.Garnets are known to have a very high refractive index meaning that those rings will sparkle all the time on the hand that is lucky to wear it. If you are looking for a special gem, then Tsavorite is definitely one of your top choice. Those rings are very popular because of the intense green to a yellowish green color. Also, combined with diamonds, those rings with natural Tsavorite gemstone has brought out the best color of the Garnet gem and be an eye catcher. You can shop this beautiful wedding & engagement rings right here and right now.