A precious gemstone is a rare, beautiful stone that is chemically stable and filled with color. Colors so vibrant they will attract you with a magnetic energy that will force you to fall in love. At JupiterGem, our collection of colored gemstones will leave you wanting one if not two gemstones and we guarantee you the best price possible. With some of the current trending stones like Padparadshas, Alexandrites, and Spinels topping our sales, we also have phenomenal Ametrines, Opals, Sphenes, and Tourmalines to suit your fancy. We source our gems from different parts of the world like Srilanka, Madagascar, Brazil and Columbia working hand in hand with miners and traders to get the best deals which we then pass on to you. All of our stones are one of a kind and hand selected with much gemological insight by our trained specialists to give you the flawless selection with unmatched internal brilliance. Scroll down and find yourself the gemstone you’ve always dreamed of.



AAA grade Gemstones

At JupiterGem we create custom jewelry for both women and men, each handcrafted from our widely sourced collection of loose precious gemstones. With an unmatched selection of some of the rarest gemstones, each gem is handpicked direct from mines across the world.

Our aaa grade gemstones come in all varieties of shapes and sizes offering you the rarest Alexandrite stones, Padparadscha Sapphire gems, Paraiba Tourmalines, Teal Sapphires along with Burmese Ruby gemstones and blue sapphire gems all at prices that will be hard to find. Each faceted to perfection allowing light to pass through brilliantly with a color that will be hard to match online, cut, quality, carat weight and certification are all key elements when our team of gemologists narrow down on our selection of gems.


Wide variety

From affordable alternatives like the loose white sapphire to the rare and hard to find cat eye gemstone, at JupiterGem we will have you spoilt for choice when it comes to natural gemstones. Create a piece with us and we will guide you through the entire process from idea conception to final jewelry product whilst also showing you how to care for you jewelry the right way.

Our unmatched prices paired with excellent service and fine quality make each purchase one that will hold value. We source our gems directly from the mines and gemstones traders at the source, offering you real gemstones for prices that cannot be matched on the web. With most of our loose sapphires and natural ruby loose coming from Burma and Srilanka, our rough opal stones coming from opal fields in Australia, our semi-precious stones travel far and wide through verified sources making sure each trader along the way is accounted and cared for.

With semi precious gem stones at the heart of our business, we encourage you to find a gemstone and create a piece of jewelry that speaks for itself. From anniversary rings for women, custom made rings, birthstone rings, wedding rings for women, dainty rings, diamond engagement rings for women, engagement rings and even rings for women we can create your customized piece with accuracy and style at unmatched prices.

By picking out a colored gemstone that will reflect your personality, style and fashion sense, each handcrafted piece is unique and can be passed down for generations to come.