Natural Heated Ruby vivid red color oval shape 4.02 carats with GRS Report / video


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This vivid red ruby packs a punch. Typically, rubies are extremely strong and register at 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are as resilient as sapphires and only slightly softer than diamonds. This ruby comes all the way from Mozambique, and although it sports an innocent oval shape it can absolutely stand the test of time.

SKU 0018
Identification: Natural Ruby

• Carat: 4.02 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measurement: 10.79 x 8.06 x 5.17 mm

• Color: vivid red

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Color Zoning: None

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Mozambique

• Treatment: Heated

GRS Report

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