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This cushion Pink Sapphire has been modified to reveal an unmatched brilliance. A gemstone that displays an even color throughout, this 2.23 carat purplish pink sapphire sparkles with beauty. Unheated and measuring up to 8.92 x 6.52 x 3.89 mm this one of a kind sapphire will surely make a statement. Supported by a GIA certificate, it is a great choice to fete the celebration of an engagement.

Natural Unheated Pink Sapphire 2.23 carats with GIA Report


Identification: Natural Pink Sapphire

• Carat: 2.23 carats

• Shape: Cushion

• Measurement: 8.92 x 6.52 x 3.89 mm

• Color: Purplish pink

• Cut: Brilliant/Step

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SKU 4353
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