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Presenting a certified Natural Pinkish Purple Sapphire of grandeur, weighing 4.88 carats. Its heart shape, measuring 9.66 x 10.66 x 6.52 mm, radiates brilliance with a brilliant/step cut. What sets this sapphire apart is not only its unique pinkish purple hue, which exudes a touch of romance and allure but also its remarkable certification by GIA Report, ensuring its authenticity and quality. With remarkable clarity, it's exceptionally eye clean, ensuring it shines at its best. Hailing from Sri Lanka, it carries the legacy of top-quality gemstones from this renowned source.

Natural Unheated Pinkish Purple Sapphire 4.88 carats with GIA Report


Identification: Natural Pinkish Purple Sapphire 4.88 carats

  • Carat: 4.88 carats
  • Shape: Heart shape
  • Measurements: 9.66 x 10.66 x 6.52 mm 
  • Cut: Brilliant/Step
  • Color: Pinkish Purple
  • Treatment: Unheated
  • Clarity: very eye clean
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Report: GIA Report
SKU 4853

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