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Dive into the mesmerizing beauty of 0.54 carats. Natural Vietnamese Cobalt Blue Spinel, accompanied by a GIA Report. Crafted into an oval brilliant cut, this gem measures 6.17 x 4.51 x 2.78 mm. Its vivid color and exceptional clarity are enhanced by its top luster and excellent cut, showcasing its remarkable quality. As a rare find from Vietnam, this gem is a true testament to nature's artistry. Whether you're a collector or seeking a unique piece of jewelry, this gem holds the allure of timeless elegance.

Natural Vietnamese Cobalt Blue Spinel 0.54 carats with GIA Report


Identification: Natural Vietnamese Cobalt Blue Spinel 

• Carat: 0.54 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measurements: 6.17 x 4.51 x 2.78 mm

• Cut: Brilliant/ Modified Brilliant

• Color: Blue

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Treatment: Unheated

• Origin: Vietnam



SKU 4768

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