Nicole 03 February 2017 Paraiba ring

I have browsed the website trying to see opportunities where to order the ring of my dreams. The website is full of great products, however I wanted to create my ring that represents my ideas and desires. Elvira explained me that I have a choice to customize products choosing the stone and later making jewelry according to my taste. I ended up ordering beautiful paraiba tourmaline ring. I made my dream true, I was able to create my custom design ring. I am very excited because I finally received it and it looks stunning! I am very happy with my ring. Thank you so much!

Roman 03 February 2017 ring with padparadscha sapphire

super happy

Monica Serrano 30 January 2017 Padparadscha sapphires

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon your website looking for Padparadscha sapphires. I was amazed at finding a matched pair! I waited until morning and called you. I talked with Krishna, and he helped me with the purchase. It is scary buying gems online. You are never quite sure that the item pictured is what you will receive. Two days later I received the most beautiful stones! I just had them seen by a gemologist and he was very impressed as am I . I hope to buy more from you in the future. Thank you so much. Monica S.

Roman 18 January 2017

Thank you so much!

Roman 23 December 2016

We are very happy to hear that you like your new piece of jewelry. We are blessed to have you as our customer. We appreciate your time.

Roman 21 December 2016

Sounds great. Eric, we are blessed to have you as our customer. Feel free to contact us any time. We appreciate your feedback.

Roman 21 December 2016

It is an honor for us to help you with your choice, Esther. We are glad to know that you enjoy your new precious stone. You are very kind.