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4.40 carats Tanzanite is a natural occurring gemstone from the far mines of Tanzania. This singular stone belongs to the class of Natural Tanzanite. Tanzanite weighs 4.40 carats and has an marquise shape, symbolism of a trendsetter, faithfulness, creativity, and individuality. It is blue in color, the color being symbolic of youth, peace, and sincerity. You will create a calm and relaxed feeling with this precious pearl. If you want to spike exceptional inspiration, this should be your choice. Accentuate your jewelry by choosing this ravishing piece of gem.

Natural Tanzanite 4.40 carats


Identification: Natural Tanzanite

• Carat: 4.40 carats

• Shape: marquise

• Measurements: 15.86 x 7.96 x 5.40 mm

• Color: bluish purple

SKU 0269

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