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Natural Blue Green Spinel 6.49 carats
This gem is GIA certified. This means its quality is guaranteed and you should have confidence when buying it. Its color is one of a kind. It’s a combination of blue and green, which brings out a very unique and beautiful color. It brings in life, a feeling of closeness to nature, well-being, fertility and self-respect. It’s well cut to bring out its features and the shape makes it even more beautiful. As any other spinel out there, BLUE GREEN SPINEL 6.49 carats GIA Certified gem has a story that makes it a must-have-gem. It is believed to increase stamina, brings energy that benefits your teeth, skin, spine, gum, whole body healing, and slimming. Adding this to your outfit will leave you looking elegantly beautiful.

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Natural Blue Green Spinel 6.49 carats


Identification: Natural Blue Green Spinel

• Carat: 6.49 carats

• Shape: cushion

• Measures: 10.98 x 9.37 x 7.23 mm

• Color: dark blue green

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Color Zoning: None

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Madagascar

• Treatment: no treatment

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SKU 0288

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