Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire has been around since ancient times. It was considered a petrified elixir of immortality and was especially valued in India for its deep blue shade. It was therefore considered a symbol of power. Though the stone can be yellow, pink, green, and even transparent, the most admired color is still blue.

With the first of these richly colored indigo beauties discovered in a small deposit in Kashmir in the year 1880, sapphires have only grown exponentially in popularity. They come in a deep luminant blue color that often embodies an entire universe within. A gemstone that will surely leave you breathless when you chance upon an exceptional piece. Sapphires are unlike any other gem because of their superior harness and internal strength, which contributes to its high demand.

Sapphire studded rings have recently made a comeback and brought the popularity back to blue gems in totality. With a range of oval, round brilliant, heart, pear and cushion shapes, our sapphire rings studded with diamonds in a range of different and irreplaceable designs, will surely complement your beautiful and graceful hands. At JupiterGem, our collection of handpicked pieces are sourced world over, offering you the best prices with incredible colors and clarities.