Tourmaline Engagement Rings

Tourmaline is a gemstone species that comes in many varieties because of its beautiful colors. Although different varieties, the stone displays strong pleochroism in different angles which we have used to the advantage of each ring. This gemstone in our engagement series have vibrant face-up colors from the neon’s of Paraiba’s bluish greens to hot pinks. We also have rings set in different metals if your fiancé to be fancies a rose gold ring over an 18K white gold ring. Give her a ring she will refuse to take off whatever the situation, one that compliments each outfit she wears.

This gem is the most appropriate stone for an engagement ring because regardless of its color it has only positive properties. It's believed that a red stone enhances feelings, a blue one strengthens relationships, a green one gives protection, and a yellow one protects against lies. But no matter which ring you choose, it will always attract attention with its deep shimmering colors.