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Welcome to a world of captivating beauty and extraordinary allure, where Cambodia's Natural Blue Zircon awaits your admiration. This splendid gemstone boasts a considerable weight of 3.22 carats, and its exquisite Trillion cut illuminates its dimensions, measuring 8.03 x 9.51 x 5.75 mm. With a beguiling play of color and brilliant sparkle, this rare treasure promises to leave you entranced and mesmerized. Embrace the timeless elegance and undeniable charm of this Natural Blue Zircon, a true gemstone marvel waiting to grace your collection with its irreplaceable splendor.

Natural Blue Zircon 3.22 carats


Identification: Natural Blue Zircon

• Carat: 3.22 carats

• Shape: Trillion

• Measurements: 8.03 x 9.51 x 5.75 mm

• Cut: Brilliant/Step

• Color: Blue

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Cambodia

SKU 4741

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