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Step into the enchanting world of Cambodia's Natural Blue Zircon Matching Pair. Discover the beauty of 9.96 carats, expertly shaped into elegant pear cuts measuring 9.52 x 7.24 x 7.46 & 9.63 x 7.20 x 7.68 mm. These gems embody timeless elegance and offer endless possibilities for creating exquisite jewelry. With very eye-clean clarity, top luster, and an excellent cut, they capture light in a dazzling dance. Elevate your collection with this exceptional matching pair, a tribute to nature's brilliance and the artistry of expert craftsmanship from Cambodia.

Natural Blue Zircon Matching Pair 9.96 carats


Identification: Natural Blue Zircon

• Carat: 9.96 carats

• Shape: Pear shape

• Measurements: 9.52 x 7.24 x 7.46 & 9.63 x 7.20 x 7.68 mm

• Cut: Brilliant/Step

• Color: Blue

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Cambodia


SKU 4746

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