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Columbian Emeralds are known for their desirable color, much like this gemstone that does not fail to surprise. Filled with the perfect blend of bluish green, this 3.23 carat octagonal cut gem comes with a GIA certificate. Emeralds are a variety of the species Beryl, making them a good lively choice for an engagement ring. Echoing rebirth and newness, emeralds with such deep colors are a rare sight from the mines in Columbia.

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Natural Colombian Emerald 3.23 carats


Identification: Natural Emerald

• Carat: 3.23 carats

• Shape: Octagonal

• Measures: 8.62 x 7.76 x 6.74 mm

• Color: green

• Cut: Step Cut

• Origin: Colombia

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SKU 2199

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