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Named after the Brazilian town of Paraiba where it was first found, the Tourmaline Paraiba is one of the rarest of gemstones because of its limited availability and extraordinary coloring. Small, precious and rare, this 0.93 carats GIA certified Tourmaline Paraiba in spirited neon blue color is a real treasure. A brilliant shine such as not found in any other gemstone anywhere in the world makes the Tourmaline Paraiba truly unique among gemstones and a veritable collectors delight. This pear shaped rare beauty has been brought to you straight from the mines of Mozambique and is 100% natural and authentic.

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Natural Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline 0.93 carats with GIA Report


Identification: Paraiba Tourmaline

• Carat: 0.93 carats

• Shape: pear

• Measurement: 6.93 x 5.82 x 3.89 mm

• Color: green

• Cut: Portugese cut

• Origin: Mozambique

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SKU 756

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