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This Spinel shines in a vibrant bubble-gum pink-purple shade, creating an electrifying fuchsia glow. Crafted beautifully in a timeless oval shape, this unheated gem promises a pop of color when set in yellow gold.

Certified by a GIA report, it showcases exceptional quality with impressive clarity, top-tier luster, and an excellent cut. With a weight of 6.54 carats, this gem embodies both elegance and brilliance, making it a perfect addition to your collection or jewelry piece.

Natural Pink Spinel 6.54 carats with GIA Report


Identification: Natural Pink Spinel

• Carat: 6.54 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measures: 12.55 x 8.91 x 6.84 mm

• Color: pinkish purple

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Treatment: no treatment




SKU 1336

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