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Tourmaline may be regarded for having the incredible ability to detoxify the human body, but no one will ever think to mention that when they gaze upon this set of captivating teardrop shaped earrings boasting a total of 6.42 carats of Pink Tourmaline and Diamonds. Framed with Diamonds and Platinum with 18K Yellow Gold, this intricately set duo simultaneously combines modern craftsmanship with timeless design.

Natural Pink Tourmaline 6.42 carats set in Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Earrings with 1.26 carats Diamonds


Experience the allure of these teardrop-shaped earrings, adorned with 6.42 carats of Pink Tourmaline and Diamonds. The Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold setting, embellished with Diamonds, harmoniously merges modern craftsmanship with timeless elegance. Beyond their beauty, Pink Tourmaline, known for its detoxifying properties, adds an extraordinary dimension to these captivating earrings.

SKU 0030

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