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A golden hue that has a seductive appeal, here is a splurge you will treasure. With a versatile golden-yellow color, that will add a pop to any outfit, this Yellow Sapphire that weighs 14.68 carats is both classic and sophisticated. Cut, as an octagon with light entering each facet, an internal glow that radiates from this gemstone gives it life. Colored like this sun, this gem will beam confidence and will make a bold statement.

Natural Sri Lankan "Golden" - Yellow Sapphire 14.68 carats


Identification: Natural Yellow Sapphire

• Carat: 14.68 carats

• Shape: Octagonal

• Measurement: 14.33 x 12.60 x 8.00 mm

• Color: Vivid Yellow (GRS-type "golden")

• Cut: Step

• Treatment: Heated

SKU 4262

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