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If you want to have a feel of everything about gems, this is clearly the option for you. The fact that the gem is multicolored gives you a chance to have every experience from magic, confidence, spirituality, good judgement, among others. Every color has its associations and by this gem being multicolored means you can have all this in one! This gemstone is identified as Black Boulder Opal Natural Solid. It weighs 12.91 carats and measures 21 x 17 x 4.5 mm. The gemstone originates in Australia and it is oval in shape. The shape makes the gemstone extremely beautiful and gives it great scintillation. When you view your gem from top, what you get is an elliptical shape that makes it even more amazing.

Black Boulder Opal 12.91 carats


Identification: Black Boulder Opal

• Carat: 12.91 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measurements: 21 x 17 x 4.5 mm

• Color: Multi-color

• Origin: Australia

SKU 608

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