Do you dream to make your unique design ring?

We all have our unique ideas and views how a good looking ring should look like. Keeping in mind that many of our customers want to enhance their everyday style or make a statement on a special occasion, we are very pleased to offer high end design customization options in various metals, including 14/18K White Gold, 14/18K Rose Gold and 14/18K Yellow Gold. We understand that your unique style can never be found online or somewhere on a shelf therefore we are pleased to offer you a possibility to visualize your own design and share it with us. We are pleased to offer you options with various gemstones, among them are Padparadscha and Pink Sapphire, Paraiba Tourmaline, Alexandrite and some other beautiful stones.



Each of the jewelry item that you would like to have can be customized according to your personal preference. All details can be discussed and agreed with our highly skilled team. They will certainly take all notes and keep them in mind making unique products designed according to your taste.



The process starts when you have an idea in mind what you are looking for. Often times it can be an image of the engagement ring that you found somewhere and felt that it is a match to your style. Alternatively, you may have to choose to draw some pictures with the style that probably was never created. Sketch creation and communication are two key elements in this process.



Overall, Jupitergem is pleased to offer customization services for clients. While choosing the stone of your dreams, we can take into consideration your interests, zodiac signs, favorite colors and even information about your chakras and help you to make a great decision. Whether it is a unique design ring that has never existed before or beautiful custom rings that could be used as the best possible gift, the company is committed to provide only the highest possible quality, customer oriented focus and a highly interactive communication between designers and customers keeping both parties involved about all needed updates and modifications. Custom offers were never so easily achievable as now…