Black Boulder Opal multi color oval shape 1.10 carats

Identification: Black Boulder Opal

• Carat: 1.10 carats

• Shape: oval

• Measurement: by request

• Color: multi color

• Origin: Australia

• Treatment: No treatment

SKU 0206

Generally, a Black Opal 1.10 carats is believed to help in spiritual communication. It is believed to increase psychic awareness and help to reduce anger. Its wearers also believe that it promotes wisdom, reduces abnormal cell growth and use it as an aid for relieving paid of rheumatism. The gemstone weighs 1.10 carats and has a brilliant cut that brings out its shape while revealing its features more clearly. It is a multicolored gem and this makes it ideal for any occasion and for wearing with any outfit. The gem is bright enough for easy spotting and its many colors make it worth staring at.
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