The Fiery Sphene

Author: (graduated gemologist)

The fiery Sphene is a gemstone that preens itself on its electric array of colors. From Greenish, Golden Yellows, Elegant Cognacs and even Earthy Oranges, this gemstone comes in a range of natural, sandy colors that beam with an internal brilliance.

Through this post we will show you what it takes to identify a Sphene and all the other important features you should know about this gemstone.

the fiery SpheneSphene and Diamond Engagement Ring

What sets this gemstone apart from the others is its extreme fire and intense eye visible doubling. One so intense you could tell this gemstone apart by just looking at it.

Here is what you should be looking for when Identifying a Sphene.

When you pick up a gemstone:

  1. Gauge the body color of the gem – Does it have a Greenish Yellow, Brown, Greenish Brown, Orangish Green bodycolor?
  2. Does the gemstone show doubling – If you look at the facet junctions, you should be able to see strong doubling or double facet edges very clearly
  3. Can you see an intense fire sparkling within the gem (Spectral Colors) – As you rock and tilt this gem, does it appear to have an intense display of spectral colors that catch your attention? Greater than that seen in a diamond?
  4. Does the gemstone feel heavy – Does the gemstone feel heavy for its size?

These are some points that could point you towards the identification of a Sphene but it is always best to crosscheck with a certified gemological laboratory.

the fiery spheneElegant Cognac Colored Sphene

Derived from the Greek word “Sphen” that translates to a “wedge“, Sphene is known to be mined naturally in wedge shaped crystals. And although this might be a little blast from your Chemistry class, Sphene is composed of Calcium and Titanium, making it a relatively abundant gemstone except, rarely in gem quality crystals that are ideal for jewelry. With Iron and Chromium being strong elements in the gems composition they also are responsible for the color seen in the gemstone.

A recent deposit from the beautiful country of Madagascar has brought a magnificent collection of gems into the market. Catering to a niche clientele, Sphene’s have become the choice of women and couples looking for a gemstone that stands out amongst the others.

The Fiery Sphene
The Fiery Sphene

When it comes to caring for these gems, they are relatively soft although full of intense color and fire. A quick wash with soapy water and a wipe with a soft cloth, can add the brilliance and charm back into the gemstone.