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Of course, you love jewelry! Who doesn’t, which is why exploring the JCK Las Vegas show should be on your list of top places to visit over the next few months. With less than 3 months for the show to start in full swing, we hope you are ready to be dazzled by all the gems, jewelry, and designs on display.

Join us in Las Vegas from June 3-6, 2016 and discover what’s new – BOOTH #B24134

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas will have you wishing you could buy much more than just a few indulgent treats. With the latest trends being showcased at the JCK, they are introducing their new layout that aims to give each designer the attention they deserve without much alteration.

Timeless pieces don’t necessarily have to be made in fine metals, and you will be seeing just that at North Americas leading jewelry event this year. Why you ask? The JCK Las Vegas show will also feature a section dedicated to “Bridging the Gap”. This enables customers to buy flawlessly made costume jewelry at accessible price points. You don’t always need fine jewelry, which is why this concept will give you the opportunity to buy pieces that will last you a lifetime and are yet stunningly beautiful.

Colored gems are taking the world by storm. Their vibrant hues have a sort of magnetic force that keeps bringing people back to them. This season reds, pinks, blues, and purples are some of the colors being used by designers in their collections that will no doubt become both priceless and timeless.

Do look out for JupiterGem at the show as we will be around networking, meeting gem traders, gem collectors and jewelry collectors discussing gems and their lures. Some of the stones we will be focusing our attention on are Padparadshas as their dual tones of pink and orange have become a real crowd pleaser, Pink Sapphires because they resonate feelings of love and wedding season can never be too far away and, of course, natural Alexandrites because of their phenomenal color changing abilities. Coupled with both strength and beauty these stones will surely take your breath away.

Not only that, JupiterGem can also show you some options of jewelry at affordable price points available in 18K gold set with a variety of gems and diamonds to give a chic yet simplistic appearance.

So come register yourself at the JCK Las Vegas show, and gift your eyes a treat to design and jewels alike. (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo) (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

graduated gemologist

Growing up in a country like India, bursting with color, culture and creativity, Chantelle's curiosity drew her towards the fascinating world of gemstones and jewelry. Trained with the best at the Gemological Institute of America and the SSEF, Switzerland, her knowledge encompasses advanced methods of gemstone identification, diamond grading and the manufacture and sales as a jewelry professional. Her adventures have taken her to source Spinels on the busy streets in Myanmar to exceptional Sapphires in Srilanka, a selection of gems from Madagascar and even rare Jades in China. With over 7 years of experience in the jewelry industry, her strong foundation in this niche field allows her to make key observations on the value or quality of gemstones and jewelry. She now continues to fuel her deep-rooted interest for these special stones by seeking out precious one-of-a-kind gems around the world. Linkedin: