Colored Engagement Rings, A Vibrant Choice

Author: (graduated gemologist)

While a classic engagement ring will always have her heart, selecting a ring that matches her lifestyle and personality is key. Exploring options that feature a sparkling colored gemstone set amidst alluring diamonds might add the touch of glamour she always wished for in colored engagement ring.

The JupiterGem collection features colored engagement rings that will meet her every expectation, offering you the option to add your own personal touch, making it memorable.

Halo rings add sophistication and glamour that offer individual style. With unique halo styles becoming a popular trend, here are some that give the classic halo a modern touch.

Colored Engagement Rings
Emerald Engagement Ring


The intricately wound diamond halo forms an alluring vine around the vivid Emerald at the center.

colored engagement rings
Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

A touch of geometric symmetry holds this Pink Sapphire within the lustrous diamond halo that extends to the arms of the band.

colored engagement ring
Ruby Engagement Ring

A crimson Ruby set amidst a radiating star of diamonds gives this ring an edgy chic look.

colored engagement ring
Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring

The surrounding network of twisted diamond melee complements an electric, greenish blue Paraiba Tourmaline.

And if these halo rings add a bold flare of sparkle then perhaps a couple of split bands might do the trick.

Engagement Ring
Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Set with an emerald cut Pink Sapphire this relatively simplistic, streamlined split band has a contemporary look that comes to life with the blend of the diamond accents.

color engagement rings
Color Change Garnet Engagement Ring

A Color Change Garnet that rests within the surrounding split band that meanders around the gem delicately adding soul to the ring.

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