Pretty Purplish Pink Kunzite Gemstone

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A stylish gem that boasts universal appeal, Kunzite is a variety that radiates an icy appearance with a violetish, purple to pink bodycolor. One of the newest gems on the market, the symphony of colors that this gem has, gives it its iconic appearance setting it apart from others like a Sapphire or maybe even a Spinel.

Kunzite jewelry
Purplish Pink Kunzite

Named after the renowned gemologist George Kunz, the gemstone was first discovered in 1902 in California and has been creating a stir ever since. Today these gems are mined popularly in Madagascar and Brazil making them more available for use in jewelry.

A unique choice, they pair well with cooler toned metals like platinum and white gold but whats great is that these glorious pink Kunzites seem to work beautifully even with warmer gold’s and rose gold’s. A big trend being used in jewelry today, Kunzites are perfect for earrings and necklaces, because of their lowered ability to withstand pressure. At 6.5-7 on the scale of hardness, they tend to be subjected to wear and tear.

Individual and full of character of its own, what sets this gemstone apart is what we will be talking about through this post.


Blessed with unmatched clarity, Kunzite gemstones are known for their crystal clear appearances. It is quite unusual to see gems filled with internal stamps that are being sold at high values, as lower clarity will drop its price.

Look out for gems that have clean, appearances free from any internal markings or features.

Kunzite gemstone
Kunzite gemstone


Richly colored thanks to the presence of Manganese, a Kunzite gemstone can be found in differing intensities of color. From the delicate pastel lilac to a lovely bold magenta, always keep the gemstone’s color spectrum in mind when looking to invest in a colored gemstone. With a good amount of gems treated to augment their natural color, irradiation is a popular technique. Although with clear disclosure, these gems are welcomed.

Kunzite Gemstone
Crystal Clear Kunzite Gemstone

Carat Weight:

Large samples mined naturally make room for lovely pieces that often exceed 5 carats. When looking for a well matched pair of Kunzites, they are often available together because they tend to be cut from the same piece of rough.


Affordability makes all the difference and the Kunzite gemstones hold true to its promise. A gem that offers you everything, from color, clarity and the ability to experiment with different cutting styles theres no reason why the Kunzite should not be at the top of your colored gemstone list.

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