Birthstone color for March – Aquamarine

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Flatter with the Right Aquamarine Jewelry

People born in March have a beautiful symbolic birthstone of the pure water color – aquamarine. This stone has been valued high since ancient times, with certain shades being more or less popular in different ages. For example, in the 19th century ladies preferred the greenish aquamarine varieties, while presently women tend to choose bluish ones. These preferences surely influence the stone’s market value.

Interesting facts, myths and legends related to aquamarine

  • The biggest aquamarine stone ever found weighed 243 pounds. The record belongs to Brazil.
  • Aquamarine used to be considered the stone of those born in October instead of March. Although its purity and seawater color surely convey the spring mood better.
  • Roman people used to believe that a frog aquamarine figure was able to reconcile opposing parties and turn them into friends.
  • Romans also used this stone as a symbol of young powerful love.
  • Aquamarine is that very most appropriate stone to be given in the first morning after a wedding by a groom to a bride.
  • The seawater color gem is also associate with sailors. It is believed to protect them in stormy waters.
  • Aquamarine may become the stone to reawaken the feelings of long married couples.
  • The stone was used to ensure invisibility of fighters.
  • Aquamarine symbolizes never-ending youth and happiness.
  • Ancient legends put it that aquamarine may serve as an antidote for poison.
  • It’s one of the favorite stones among fortune tellers.
  • Old stories have mentions that aquamarine helped soldiers in battles and politicians in disputes.

Healing properties of aquamarine

Aquamarine is considered a pain reliever and the stone to cure toothaches, ailments of throat, jaws, liver and stomach. Some believed that an aquamarine amulet could make its wearers kinder, more intellectual and hard-working.

Added into the water, it is believed to cure eye diseases, help to oppose ailments associated with oral cavity.

Aquamarine is helpful not only in curing physical conditions but also mental disorders. It is recommended to wear this stone in the days of stress and psychological disturbances. It will calm down and sooth as a good sunny walk. The stone can be used for meditation, spiritual rituals and connecting higher powers. It helps to align a physical body with a spiritual one and give you peace and tranquility.

People who tend to procrastinate should get an aquamarine amulet too, it will motivate them to act and strive for positive changes.

As you may see, this stone is highly precious as a spiritual and physical assistant with many remedial properties and overall purification of a human body and mind. Maybe, you will also notice how this amazing stone changes your behavioral patterns in a positive and constructive way.

Physical properties of the stone

Which color is the most natural aquamarine one? Despite the fact that most consumers prefer the dark blue aquamarine variation, the traditional natural color of untreated aquamarine is bluish green and transparent without any admixture of other colors including yellow one. To meet the preferences of consumers, jewelry makers often treat the stone to blue, but the public increasingly chooses the natural greenish aquamarine, which is selling rather well these days.

Try to see closely at an aquamarine stone at different angles, and you will see it changing its colors from blue to green or even colorless. It’s truly hypnotic to study the stone, as it seems that it hides the most beautiful phenomena of the nature – from lakes and oceans to skies on a fine day.

In the industry the color of aquamarine is enhanced by heating. The deep blue color is achieved with thermal treatment of around 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Although when light and transparent, aquamarine perfectly matches all precious metals. Besides, most of the stones do not have inclusions and feature magnificent luster.

Geography of mining:

  • Brazil (the best and the largest gemstones are found in this very country)
  • The territory of the former Soviet Union
  • USA
  • Pakistan
  • Madagascar (local aquamarine is typically more bluish)
  • India
  • Nigeria

Aquamarine: design variations

The emerald cut is the most popular for aquamarine, jewelers make stones oval or pear shaped. It is comparatively not very har to cut aquamarine, so experts like to experiment with new forms and designs.

Aquamarine is hard and durable, some stones are rather large, especially those of the rich blue color. They are substantially more expensive than others. Generally, the value of aquamarine widely varies which makes the stone affordable to masses.

Take care of aquamarine jewelry in the appropriate manner

Do not use aggressive substances for cleaning. Mild soap and plain water, which is not very hot, are the best for aquamarine jewelry care. Make use of an ordinary old toothbrush. Ultrasonic impact is not recommended for aquamarine, as well as sharp temperature differences from cold to hot. Try to avoid the contact of the gemstone with chemicals and cosmetics, as well as hair sprays and perfume.

Aquamarine is a great gift idea for people of water signs and those born in March. A gemstone will bring luck, refresh mind and help cure various diseases to those who will have it. Besides, it is absolutely recommended to be given to people who leave near the coast and especially those who have a sea sickness problem. JupiterGem has a very nice collection of jewelry pieces with aquamarine – find the best designs and absolute pureness of this amazing stone in our shop! (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo) (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

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