Natural Tsavorite Garnet : A Tempting Gem

Natural Tsavorite Garnet is the luscious green gemstone giving the eternal Emerald stiff competition. And so it should. Birthstone for the month of January with rich green hues good strength, and unmatched luster, these gems are a delight to marvel in.

Our special collection of Tsavorite Studded Jewels at comes just in time for summer and we thought it imperative to shine some light on why these gemstones are an inviting choice.

Natural Tsavorite Garnet
Natural Tsavorite Earring


A fairly new gemstone, natural Tsavorite Garnet was first found in the 1970’s near Tsavo National Park in Kenya but have since spread like wildfire. A desirable golden green, that unites the bright yellows of the sun with a green that encapsulates fresh grass, Tsavorite Garnet is a sparkly choice. Incredibly versatile, these green wonders are being used in commercial and high end jewelry alike.

Natural Tsavorite Garnet
Elegant Tsavorite Garnet Engagement Ring


One of the most sought after garnet varieties, thanks to its intense color, Tsavorites are often mined in sizes that reach upto 45-50 carats with the bulk of the gems on the market making it to 10 carats. A smaller gemstone, these lush green gems are an ideal choice as the central sparkler on a colored stone engagement rings for the twentieth century bride.

Durability is another feature the natural Tsavorite garnet takes pride in. At 7-7.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, these gems are great for jewelry. Set in a Prong setting or even the more secure Bezel setting, Tsavorites are known to remain unaltered with exposure to daily wear and tear.

Make Note: It is always advisable to make a trip to your jeweler to check your jewels because sometimes the metal can become weak. 

Natural Tsavorite Garnet
Tsavorite Garnet set with Diamonds


Mined in Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar, Tsavorites might sometimes sport tiny liquid features within the gem indicating its origin. Often invisible to the naked eye these tiny features help gemologists to a great extent. Easily mistaken by gems like the golden Peridot, Emeralds and even vibrant Tourmalines, a glimpse into the gemstone allows a gemologist to easily spot the difference.



Cleaning and Aftercare:

Once a natural tsavorite garnet has made it to your jewelry collection, it’s important to remember these gems need to be cared for. A quick wash once every 6 months, in warm soapy water (hand soap) and a scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush will bring back your jewels glamour.

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