Emerald: Overview and Facts

Beautiful Bluish Green Emerald set in yellow gold
Beautiful Bluish Green Emerald set in yellow gold

Nature combines two basic elements to obtain the perfect green of emerald and bring this gorgeous gemstone to the global jewelry market. Durable, everlasting, eternal and beautiful just like true love. The gemstone has been getting people to fall in love with its enchanting green purity for more than 6000 years. It inspires jewelry masters, poets and philosophers. Even Aristotle described emerald as his favorite stone and recommended to wear it on the neck in order to stay healthy.

The stone borrowed its name from the Sanskrit word associated with the green color of growing veggies and trees. It truly symbolizes a new life or rebirth, which is very poetic and inspiring.

Enigma stone

For centuries emerald has been wrapped into mysteries, but people have always believed in the healing properties of the stone, its refreshing energy and power. Seeing its deep green color, you can’t help thinking of the enigma hidden inside, the stone truly enchants the mind. Emerald was adored by Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, ancient people thought it had power to give them an eternal life. Russian emperors and tsars liked to decorate their crowns with emerald, connecting the stone with the goddess Venus of Greece and the material of the holy grail. All these legends and stories lie on the surface, in fact the mythology and the history of emerald in human destinies is much deeper and more exciting. It seems that emerald gives you greatness and power, promises to bring you love and eternity of your feelings.

Traditionally this stone is connected with the heart chakra, its green color has a calming effect. In addition to numerous healing properties of the gemstone, emerald represents the token of love and eternal reminder that everything in the world will vanish sooner or later, but the truth is eternal.

What can be cured by emerald

Natural gemstone is believed to heal a number of diseases and return fertility to those who cannot have children. Since ancient times, people have been using emerald to cure eyes, the bones and muscles, issues of the spine, heart and lungs.

Emerald is not only recommended to cure physical issues but also to improve mental health. It’s the stone of renewal, compassion and mind freshness. If you need a stone to become more energetic in your life, start wearing emerald jewelry pieces.

Other health issues believed to be cured with emerald:

  • Headaches;
  • Allergic conditions;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Ailments;
  • Gastric problems;
  • Skin rashes.

In fact, the power of emerald spreads over all parts of your body and gives you rejuvenating energy – wear emerald daily as an amulet or jewelry to feel strength and freshness.

Couples whose feeling have weakened are also recommended to wear emerald as the stone that promises rebirth of passion. Use it as a love token for an engagement ring to show your partner how much you’re committed to your relationship. Emerald strengthens the spiritual connection between lovers and makes it as eternal as truth.

Metaphysical characteristics of the gemstone

Emerald assists people in their growth and improvement. It’s the right stone if you strive for wealth, financial independence and prosperity. Its vibrating energy promises abundance and splendid things in your life. Try to wear emerald in hard periods of your life to feel more energy and strength that will help you overcome your problems.

Emerald is considered the stone of people born in May, but its excellent properties are great for everyone. You will certainly feel more confident and stronger if you wear emerald. At the same time, emerald is the stone of pride that does not like fuss, it stands for patience and dignity.

Physical properties of emerald rooted in the history of the stone

All varieties of emerald are green without exceptions, although the depth and shades of the color vary in intensity. Emerald is one of the four most precious stones in the world chosen for engagement rings. The history of the stone is rooted in ancient Egypt where it was first mined many-many centuries ago. Egyptians like the green color of the stone and began using it for jewelry and sculpture decoration. Emerald became the stone of the noble. The popularity of emerald soon reached the Roman Empire and spread all over the world. People believed that this stone was not only beautiful but also powerful in foreseeing the future, finding the truth, opposing evil spirits and curing diseases.

The geography of emerald is very wide: it can be found almost on any continent, but the largest mines belong to Columbia and South America. Opposed to light green beryl, emerald has a bright vibrant green color. Emerald is very durable and hard – harder than steel, so you can give it in the form of jewelry from one generation to another for centuries.

The color of emerald depends on traces of metals contained therein. Experts traditionally divide emeralds into three groups depending on their colors and overtones (categories may overlap).

  • Emeralds with a yellow overtone that normally lack chromium and vanadium which make the stone bright green. The value of such stones is normally lower compared to vivid green emeralds.
  • Bluish emeralds that contain much iron. Darker than normal green, these stones are truly wonderful but still cheaper than pure green stones.
  • Emeralds of the pure green color. Not much iron, enough chromium and vanadium make a perfect emerald gemstone whose value is very high in the market. It’s believed to be the best choice for an engagement ring.

Each emerald gemstone has a certain number of inclusions, but the more inclusions it has, the cheaper its price is. Clarity is an important factor to influence the value of emerald.

The history remembers many famous emeralds whose stories are exciting as novels. Purchasing an emerald piece of jewelry, you can write yours! Address JupiterGem for the most fashionable emerald jewelry pieces and inspiration. Here you will find the perfect color, clarity and quality of gemstones for your private collection.

jupitergem.com (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)
jupitergem.com (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

graduated gemologist

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