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Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby has a deep blood red color and is one of the hardest gemstones after diamond, which makes it the ideal gemstone to proclaim your love. When these gems are encased with diamonds, the ring is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Red known to be the color of love is good enough reason to give her a ring to celebrate the love between the two of you. A ruby is a timeless gem and with every passing year, the ruby engagement ring will only increase in value and can be passed down over generations. At JupiterGem, we have different options from big bold rings studded with rubies and diamonds to smaller yet classically stunning rings.

Ruby Engagement Rings

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  1. Natural Rubies 0.41 carats set in 18K White Gold Stackable Ring with 0.10 carats Diamonds

    Crimson red, these princess cut Rubies have been set in a channel setting making it appear to be a seamless ribbon on the finger. Set with diamonds that rest perfectly within the sea of red, this ring that has been handcrafted in 18K white gold is a great timeless option. Learn More
  2. Natural Rubies 0.54 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.11 carats Diamonds

    Set with 0.54 carats of deep red round brilliant Rubies, this ring will steal her heart. Made with love by artisans in 14K white gold, it has 0.11 carats of diamonds that have been evenly set between each ruby. Like a wreath of flowers, this ring can perfectly add the burst of color she needs. Learn More
  3. Natural Ruby 0.79 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.35 carats Diamonds

    Halo set in 14K white gold; this brilliant and deep Ruby is the central attraction in this ring. Weighing 0.79 carats, the gem surrounded by diamonds gets just the right amount of sparkle with the ring that has diamonds extending to the shank of the band. Handmade in LA, this ring is gorgeous and versatile for any season. Learn More
  4. Natural Ruby 0.89 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.62 carats Diamonds

    Rubies are a gemstone you should be investing in. Not only for its value but also the vivid red colors that ignite passion and love. This ring that holds a crimson ruby at its center is one that will leave you speechless. With an eye clean appearance, the oval cut gem is truly remarkable. Surrounded by diamond accents in different sizes from round brilliants to tapered baguettes this ring has all the shine it needs. Designed to add a luminous touch the diamonds appear to be radiating hands from the glistening ruby. Learn More
  5. Natural Ruby 0.93 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.77 carats Diamonds

    Creating a flower, this scarlet red Ruby bud that weighs 0.93 carats is the highlight of this ring. Placed at the center, and supported by the well-matched brilliant diamond petals, this ring will add a graceful burst of color. Perfect for a woman who loves flora and fauna, this ring set in platinum is a durable choice for an engagement. Learn More
  6. Natural Ruby 1.04 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.14 carats Diamonds / GRS Report

    With a GRS certificate, this princess cut vermillion Ruby is a rare find. Mined in Burma one of the finest sources for Rubies, this gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds is unbelievably clear. Set in platinum, a strong yet sturdy noble metal, she will not have anything to worry about, as the ring can take a lot of wear and tear. Learn More
  7. Natural Ruby 1.05 carats set in Platinum Ring with 1.02 carats Diamonds

    Crafted in platinum, a rare metal that lasts generations, this vibrant red Ruby has an electric color. Filled with the color of life, this 1.05 carat natural Ruby reveals a fire with no eye visible inclusions. Designed to be a star the trillion cut diamond radiating arms blend with the ring well, creating a flawless match. Learn More
  8. Natural Unheated Ruby 1.05 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.32 carats Diamonds / GIA Report

    Certified by the GIA, this unheated Mozambique mined Ruby is the perfect fit for an engagement ring. The center gem’s slim proportions and rich, fiery colors give it a seductive charm. Perfect for a woman with slender fingers this ring’s versatile colors will complement any other jewelry. A gemstone that represents loyalty the even colors of this ruby with a hint of purple is a spectacular choice. Learn More
  9. Natural Ruby 1.06 carats set in 18K Yellow Gold Ring with 0.66 carats Diamonds

    Set upon a pedestal of diamonds this pear shaped pinkish red ruby has got both great color and clarity. Set in 18K yellow gold, the two colors compliment each other very giving the gem a warm glow. Small yet delightfully chic, she will fall in love with this ring. Learn More
  10. Natural Burma Ruby 1.34 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.82 carats Diamonds / GIA Report & video

    This unique ring combines a fiery red Burmese ruby with white diamonds. This round, GIA certified 1.34 carats natural ruby is carefully set into platinum with three brilliant cut diamonds on each side and a channel set shank for a total of 0.82 carats of sparkling diamonds. Rubies are known as the king of gemstone and are more rare than diamonds, they also represent love and passion, and make perfect engagement rings or July birthstone gifts. Learn More
  11. Natural Unheated Ruby 1.37 carats set in 14K White Gold with 0.61 carats Diamonds

    A rich, purple-red natural, unheated ruby glows within a floating halo of sparkling diamonds in a 14 karat white gold ring. This 1.37 carats, GIA Report, oval ruby is surrounded by 0.61 carats of pave diamonds forming the halo and set into the sides of this stunning engagement ring. Large, untreated, natural rubies are very rare and are prized for their fire. Combined with diamonds they form a powerful and passionate symbol of love. Learn More
  12. Natural Ruby 1.59 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.70 carats Diamonds

    Set with a vivid crimson red oval Ruby that is been surrounded by diamonds this ring has just the right amount of sparkle. With an even tone, this gem has been cut to perfection. An elegant, timeless ring, this piece of jewelry will make heads turn everywhere. Learn More
  13. Natural Ruby 1.87 carats set in Platinum Ring with 2.37 carats Diamonds

    Natural Rubies are hard to find but this 1.87 carat crimson beauty sets itself apart from all others. Set with well matched diamonds in a design that takes inspiration from the Art Deco period, this ring will definitely add some glamour to your look. The gem's deep scarlet color and even tone will make her want to flaunt her ring everywhere. Learn More
  14. Natural Unheated Ruby 1.93 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.55 carats Diamonds / GIA Report

    Studded with a 1.93 carat pear shaped vivid red Ruby, this ring has a contemporary design. Perfect for long slender fingers, the pear shaped unheated ruby has a purplish red color that engulfs the gem, adding value. A design that adds elegant length, can be easily complemented by other stackable ring options. The gemstone that shows no eye visible inclusions is contrasted by the color of the 14K white gold, giving the right pop. Learn More
  15. Natural Unheated Ruby 2.01 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.86 carats Diamonds / The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand Report

    Are you looking for a beautiful gift for your lovely girlfriend or wife? Do you want to surprise her or purposed her with a nice gift? Then this Magnificent Unheated Ruby Wedding & Engagement, Anniversary Ring could be the answer for you. This ring is set with 2.01cts Unheated Ruby gem in 18K White Gold and surrounded by 12 diamonds. No matter how many rings your wife or girlfriend has, if you present her with this ring, she will be more than happy. So, if a special occasion is coming up for your someone special, you can plan to present her with this beautiful ring. Learn More
  16. Natural Ruby 2.44 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with 0.64 carats Diamonds / GIA Report

    At 2.44 carats this wine-red Ruby has been set in 18K white gold. Perfect to make an impression to pop the big question, this ring gets the sparkle it needs from the diamond halo around the ruby. With unfading beauty, she will love this addition to her collection. Learn More
  17. Natural Star Ruby 4.63 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.64 carats Diamonds

    This claw set natural Star Ruby weighing 4.63 carats with a fine 6-rayed star is the embodiment of beauty. Stars that are formed by minute internal characteristics called silk gives this gem its character and phenomena. Set in a handcrafted 14K white gold ring, with diamonds that add just the right amount of sparkle to the ring. Learn More
  18. Burma Star Ruby 5.45 carats set in 14K Yellow Gold Ring with 0.22 carats Diamonds / GIA Report


    GIA Report

    Burma has always been renowned for its exemplary quality of gemstones, some of which are Rubies and Sapphires. This natural Star Ruby, set in a claw mounting is truly one of a kind. Set in 14K yellow gold, the complementing colors give the ring its sophisticated magnetism. Accompanied by a GIA report, and highlighted by the diamond-studded trapezes on either side, you can be sure she will fall in love with this ring.

    Learn More
  19. Natural Ruby 5.80 carats set in Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds / GRS Report


    GRS Report

    A beautiful 5.80 carat emerald cut Ruby is the crowning feature of this spectacular ring. A diamond halo and shank make this design sparkle from every angle. Set in platinum ring with 18K yellow gold prongs this crimson red and stunningly beautiful ruby is unreal.



    Learn More
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List Grid

30 per page

20 Item(s)