The little page with the little history

Where it all began for JupiterGem 


Here we’ll take you back to the origins of our company and the life experiences that contributed to how we got started. What jewelry truly means to us and how you, our treasured customers made it all possible for us. 


 In 1963 our founders Mr. Stefan and Mrs. Violet Fabian decided to take a big step and moved to America to the city of Los Angeles, all the way from Europe. With change being quite daunting, the couple took a lot of time to blend into their new environment. Committed to make it in America, they secured decent jobs, at the time, with Violet stringing pearls through the morning while helping at local gas stations later through the day. Whereas Stefan worked with a popular butcher before finding something he was passionate about. The two determined, never lost hope that they wanted to start something on their own, once they had the right funds. 




They say when opportunity knocks; one must be ready. One day, just at the time Violet was ready to leave the jewelry store, a Frenchman walked in and as Violet spoke the language fluently the two got to talking. He very abruptly asked if she would be interested in buying precious gemstones. Lured by gems and all their mystical yet beautiful properties she spontaneously replied a big “yes”. Her boss, finding this a bit strange urged the French man to quickly leave the store, leaving Violet with the fresh new idea of selling gemstones that almost became intertwined with all her thoughts. After a few days of discussion with Stefan, the two decided this was their opportunity and even if they failed they gave it the best shot they could. 


Keeping the idea of selling gemstone very close they two started their own pearl stringing business in 1969, as Violet was then confident about all the aspects that needed watching in the business. Soon after, in 1973 the two opened Gem Imports of California Inc. This was another bold move the couple made which they never looked back upon. With a lot of confidence from the bank that loaned them money, as well as a lot of backing from friends and family, the two travelled to Bangkok the capital of Thailand, a gemstone hub to the world. Trusting a man who guaranteed them a profitable sale with his exquisite Thai Rubies, Violet and Stefan brought the gems back to LA. On their return, their hand-selected rubies generated a lot of money enabling them to pay off their loan. Happy with their decision the two continued their travels to various parts of the world, reaching mines, learning new things at every step, yet collecting some of the best gems the miners had on offer. Rubies and Sapphires from Thailand, Padparadshas from Sri Lanka, Emeralds from Colombia and Aquamarines from Brazil are only some of the mines where in JupiterGem formed close relations. 


Today the legacy of our founders still carries on. We, at JupiterGem still aim to give you the best quality, authentic and responsibly sourced gemstones for unmatched prices as we receive them from our fabulous supply chain. 

Honesty, trust, and responsibility is what drives and guides our company, values that Violet and Stefan lived and succeeded by. 


Welcome to JupiterGem Family.

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