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Chrysoberyl Rings

Chrysoberyl is a gemstone that is sought after as it protects against evil. Derived from the Greek word Chrysos meaning gold, the golden hues that radiate from the gemstone justify its name beautifully. The popular Cats Eye Chrysoberyl is also well loved for its mystical eye that has been found to have a positive effect on relationships. If your looking for a gemstone that truly mesmerizes then a Chrysoberyl from our collection should be your pick.
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  1. Natural Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl 2.20 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.28 carats Diamonds

    The silvery notes of this platinum ring give it a contemporary feel that pairs well with the symmetrical design of the accentuating diamonds. Set with the greenish yellow Cats Eye Chrysoberyl that displays an elegant milk and honey effect it balances out the ring. The sharp band seen because of perfectly oriented internal characteristics is what adds value to the gem promoting love. Learn More
  2. Natural Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl 2.92 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.55 carats Diamonds

    The flawless Cats Eye Chrysoberyl that has been cut to reveal a fine, sharp chatoyant band is filled with an overall greenish yellow color. A popular gem representing peace and compassion, it is a great choice for a woman who likes to make a bold meaningful statement. Surrounded by diamonds in very geometric pattern, each tapered baguette adds sparkle to this ring. Learn More
  3. Natural Chrysoberyl 3.99 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.51 carats Diamonds

    Set in platinum this warm yet lustrous yellowish green Chrysoberyl is a gemstone she will love. A well-cut gem, its majesty will have her blushing with color. Oval in shape, a cut that easily flatters, the impeccably matched diamond halo that extends onto the bands of the ring adds to the dazzle. Eye clean with no visible features, this gemstone will surely spark up her hands. #301140 Learn More
  4. Natural Chrysoberyl 5.18 carats set in Platinum Ring with 0.52 carats Diamonds

    Look at this 5.18 carat genuine Chrysoberyl ring set with 0.52 carats of sparkling diamonds in platinum. Ranking high on the Moh’s scale of hardness at 8.5, this gemstone can take a lot of wear and tear. The gems golden lime green colors will surely catch her attention. Looking for a unique ring for someone special in your life? This marvelous ring will surely make a lasting impression. Learn More
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7 Item(s)